Headaches & Migraines

Don't go another day with debilitating headaches. Utilizing proven chiropractic care, our office is able to promote proper exchange between the brain and spine to decrease tension, cluster, migraine and sinus headaches. Along with trigger point therapy and spinal adjustments,


Converse Chiropractic has helped many patients diminish their agonizing pain and tension associated with headaches to get their lives back. 

Act today and get back to your life!

Converse Chiropractic has been an enormous help to me and my daily life. I was experiencing almost daily headaches with frequent migraines. I had tried medications and did not like the side effects. Once I began my appointments with Dr. Rody my headaches began to lessen. I currently have not had any migraines since and no headaches. I did not realize how important my spinal health was. I recommend anyone who has tried everything else for headaches to go in for an initial assessment, it could change your life.