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Massage Therapy

Whether you need to destress or the pampering of a spa experience, our massage techniques will rejuvenate you. 

Our massage therapist combines clinical therapy treatments with the luxuries of a spa. Take the time to relax and enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy today. By adding regular massage sessions in your life you can improve and maintain your health. 

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An ancient form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on area of tension or pain to create a vacuum. This suction stimulates blood flow and the release of trigger points. Cupping is a great form of deep tissue to help those with inflammatory issues, pain, blood flow and relaxation.  


Deep Tissue 

Beneficial to release sub-muscle and fascia layers to alleviate tension with more pressure and deep muscle movement.  Best for chronic muscle pain and post injury rehabilitation to improve movement. This technique is a great stress reliever and can lower heart rate and blood pressure. 

Hot Stones

Heat can vastly aid in improving your chronic pain and stiffness. With the use of hot stones, our therapist is able to melt away muscle knots and tension to help improve sleep and decrease pain. 


Specialized massage therapy for mom to be can make her pregnancy much more comfortable. Our therapist is trained in prenatal care that is safe and effective for pregnant moms.


Whether you had a sports injury or are seeking improvement in your athletic performance, our therapist can provide specialized sports massage. With focused treatment to your problem areas you will gain better range of motion. 


This technique stimulates circulation and provides relaxation by using long stokes and with firm but gentle pressure. It is one of the most popular types of massage world wide. 

Reike Therapy

Reike is a form of alternative therapy that is commonly referred to as energy healing. It is a gentle, safe and natural type of neuromuscular work that provides emotional benefits and self improvement.